Does Your Energy Lag After Noon?

Maybe you find yourself responding to your sleepiness by reaching for the crutch of another cup of coffee or heading to the vending machine for a soda and candy bar.

You know these aren't healthy "solutions," yet what's the alternative?

There's a MUCH BETTER way. One that'll have you safely restoring not only your energy, but your health and vitality as well.

Of course, I'm talking about the nutrient-packed drink with a fan following. No pills here, just the whole food goodness of nature!

Perfect to...

Jump start a healthy weightloss plan
Sneak some greens into your kid's diet
Cleanse and detoxify
Curb your cravings
Grab a quick and easy meal for the road

The variations on this popular drink are amazing. There's already over 50 sweet and savory recipes inside.

Come join the fun...

As a member of this ever-growing community,
you'll be sharing tried-and-true recipes galore,
motivating and holding one another accountable,
and feeling better than ever!

Hi, Erin here. Let me tell you how I got hooked on green smoothies. I had put myself on two weeks of liquid raw while healing from oral surgery. (If you can believe it, the result of chomping down on a raw carrot in the wrong way. Don't ask; I don't know either. LOL.)

But anyway, it was great! I now enjoy them as a regular part of my diet.

Inside, you'll find the very recipes that comprised my green smoothie "healing" protocol — complete with full nutrition information — to get you started on the path to reclaiming your good health and energy.

You'll also meet others doing the same with whom you can share favorites, triumphs, challenges, help each other to achieve your goals, etc., all in a safe, spam-free, and supportive forum.
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Digging Up The Nutritional Dirt On Our Leafy Friends


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